Which food cleanses the body of nicotine?

Which food cleanses the body of nicotine?


Green tea


By smoking the body loses the necessary fluid and the organism gets into the dehydration state much faster. Filling a large amount of homemade vitamin water: two liters of water with gingerbread, one cucumber, lemon and 12 leaves of honey, and green tea full of antioxidants, wash nicotine from the body.




Nicotine destroys the skin and makes it lifeless and dry. If you want to get rid of these nasty side effects, eat as much carrots as possible. It contains large amounts of vitamins A, K, C and B, which are the main body cleaners. Carve the carrot in a juicer mixed with apple and lemon or put it in a salad.





Folic acid is very important for normal work and body development, but also helps the body to solve nicotine. Large amounts of folic acid are found in spinach.



Broccoli Cabbage   Brussels sprout



Apart from the fact that these vegetables contain polyphenols that have proved useful in reducing various inflammations in the digestive system, they also contain antioxidants that clean the body from numerous toxins. Cook them as short as possible so you can save all their qualities.


Kiwi Lemon Orange



Except to water, nicotine from the body also releases vitamins A, C and E that strengthen immunity and help the body fight various infections and bacteria. To make up for lost vitamins, reach for kiwi or drink a glass of lemonade. Orange juice hydrates the body, provides it with the necessary vitamins, and also cleanses the body from nicotine. Sprinkle two oranges, add some water and drink between meals.