Medical marijuana has NO public health risks

Medical marijuana has NO public health risks and should not be withheld from patients, WHO declares after months of deliberation

  • The WHO has declared medical marijuana is beneficial for cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other diseases
  • The organization found the drug is not addictive and holds no public health risks 


The World Health Organization has declared that CBD – the relaxant property of cannabis used in medical marijuana – should not be a scheduled drug.  As legalization of cannabis has spread rapidly across the United States and around the world, health officials have cautioned that we do not have enough research to rule out any downsides.

But today, after months of deliberation and investigation, the WHO has concluded that cannabidiol (CBD) is a useful treatment for epilepsy and palliative care, and does not carry any addiction risks.

While the organization is set to run a fuller review of cannabis next year, assessing all cannabis-related substances, physicians and the cannabis industry have been poised awaiting this decision to deny scheduling for months.

Had the WHO chosen to schedule the drug, it could have hamstrung physicians from prescribing medical marijuana globally.

Medical marijuana


The report, distributed today, likewise suggested forcing the solid limitations accessible on fentanyl, an engineered opioid which has killed a huge number of individuals in America’s medication habit plague.

‘There is expanded enthusiasm from the Member States in the utilization of cannabis for therapeutic signs including for palliative care,’ the report said.

‘Reacting to that intrigue and increment being used, WHO has as of late accumulated more vigorous logical proof on the restorative utilize and symptoms of cannabis and cannabis segments.’

Taking everything into account, the creators composed: ‘Late confirmation from a creature and human examinations demonstrate that its utilization could have some remedial incentive for seizures because of epilepsy and related conditions.’

They included that ‘present data does not legitimize booking of cannabidiol’, and proclaimed that taking therapeutic maryjane won’t prompt dependence on THC, the psychoactive property of cannabis that actuates a ‘high’.

Addressing Daily Mail Online, Raul Elizalde, the Mexican father who turned into an impossible face for cannabis as he battled to get his epileptic little girl treatment, said he was overwhelmed with feeling.

He is in charge of driving the Mexican government to legitimize therapeutic cannabis so his first-conceived little girl Grace, who once endured several seizures per day, could get to CBD. Presently, she endures a couple of seizures daily.

‘I’m joyful that these universal wellbeing pioneers concur that CBD is a substance that ought not to be booked and has a remedial incentive for an assortment of medicinal conditions,’ Elizalde, organizer, and leader of HempMeds Mexico, disclosed to Daily Mail Online on Wednesday.

‘We anticipate proceeding with our discussion about its many advantages in 2018.’

Talking a month ago about his family’s experience wandering into the universe of restorative maryjane, Elizalde conceded he had never considered the health advantages of a medication which has caused disorder and desolation in his nation.

In any case, after prescriptions and surgeries demonstrated vain for Grace, he and his better half, from Monterrey, a preservationist and conventional district in the north of Mexico, chose to attempt CBS.

‘It has changed our lives,’ Elizalde revealed to Daily Mail Online.

‘I never figured I would do this, that cannabis would be a piece of our life. Be that as it may, Grace changed everything. Presently I realize that simply taking CBD resembles taking a wellbeing supplement. It isn’t a substitution for her treatment, however, it has changed her life.’