how to make salad of surimi sticks with zucchini and carrots

Salad with surimi sticks


• 500 gr Surimi sticks

• 1 zucchini

• 3 carrots


• Pepper

  • Salt
  • Parsley

• Dill

•Olive oil

• Lemon (lemon juice)

Salad with surimi sticks

Chop the surimi sticks into small pieces.

Clean the carrot and cut the carrot into small pieces

Cut the zucchini crosswise, then cut all the parts into small pieces

Chop parsley and garlic

Squeeze the lemon and put the lemon juice in a bowl

Turn on the stove.

 In a deep dish, put olive oil, chopped pieces of garlic and fry the contents.

Then add the cut pieces of carrot to the dish

Add chopped pieces of zucchini, mix the contents with a wooden spoon and bring to a boil over low heat.

When the contents are soft, add the chopped pieces of surimi sticks.

Add spices, pepper and dill, mix the mixture evenly with a wooden spoon. Cover the pot and let the contents simmer.

Add chopped parsley and mix with a wooden spoon.

Turn off the stove

Add lemon juice and mix the contents.

That’s it, you have made another delicious and healthy meal for you and your family.

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